Spring Training Isn’t Just for the MLB

Spring training | Tyrrell Burrus | Austin, TXMajor League Baseball players are nearing the end of the spring training season. While it’s an opportunity for coaches and managers to identify key players, make trades, and build their strongest teams, it’s also a chance for the players to get their bodies back in player mode. If you’re going to be playing spring sports or stepping up your activity this spring and summer, you may need spring training, too.

Start Slow with Spring Sports Prep

If you haven’t been playing your chosen sport during the winter, you may need to ease back into activity. Start with stretching and exercises to build your stamina and strength, whether you need to be able to swing a baseball bat or run the length of a soccer field.

Mind Your Diet

Part of a good spring training regimen is eating right. From Halloween in October through Valentine’s Day in February, chocolate rules, so it may be time to remind your body what it feels like to eat broccoli and leafy green vegetables.

Stretch Before Playing

Be sure to stretch carefully before games and practice. Especially in the early part of your sports season, your joints may be stiffer than normal, and you may be more likely to have an injury that will take you out of play. Rotator cuffs tears, ACL tears, and sprained ankles are very common during the start of a new sports season. Try these shoulder stretches and ankle exercises to help prevent injury.

Wear the Right Shoes and Equipment

The right support makes a big difference, so make sure you invest in the proper shoes, equipment, and protective gear to keep you safe.

If an injury does occur, don’t wait to seek treatment. The sooner you make an appointment with Dr. M. Tyrrell Burrus, a Board-Certified orthopedic surgeon seeing patients in South Austin, Southwest Austin, Bastrop, and more, the sooner you can get back to your sport.

If you are experiencing pain or have a sports injury, make an appointment today with Dr. Burrus, who has offices in Austin TX and its surrounding areas. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery and also offers physical therapy. Do not ignore shoulder pain; receiving an examination as soon as possible can help you get the proper treatment to help you return to your lifestyle faster.