3 Best Shoulder Stretches to Prevent Shoulder Strain

Shoulder Conditions You may never realize how much you rely on your shoulder joint until you’ve strained your shoulder. Then you’ll feel it in everything you do, from lifting to reaching to twisting. This time of year, in the Austin area, we see a lot of shoulder strain injuries. Whether your teen has started a fall sport like football or swimming, or you’re just trying to squeeze in the last few rounds of golf before the holiday chaos begins, these 3 shoulder stretches are the best ones to do to prevent shoulder strain.

Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

Reach your arm across your body and straighten it out as much as possible. Use your other arm to pull the stretched arm closer to your body by placing your hand just above the elbow and pulling in. Hold the stretch for a count of 10, then repeat with the other arm. Do three counts on each arm.

Overhead Shoulder Stretch
Raise your arm above your head and bend at the elbow so that your hand is touching the middle of your back. Use your other arm to grasp your elbow and pull your arm further down your back until you feel a gentle stretch in your shoulder and triceps. Hold the stretch for a count of 10 and then repeat on the other arm. Do three stretches on each shoulder.

Rolling Shoulder Stretch

Lift your shoulders and gently roll them forward in a full circular motion. Repeat ten times, then complete the stretch again rotating your shoulders gently backward ten times. Not only does this stretch help prepare your shoulder muscles for activity but it can also help relieve tension in your neck and upper back, especially if you are hunched over a computer for a greater part of the day.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain or have strained your shoulder, make an appointment today with Dr. Burrus, who has offices in Austin TX and its surrounding areas. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery and also offers physical therapy. Do not ignore shoulder pain; receiving an examination as soon as possible can help you get the proper treatment to help you return to your lifestyle faster.