4 Daily Exercises to Strengthen Ankles

While athletes often struggle with ankle sprains and tendonitis, ankle instability can plague anyone – and it can be debilitating, keeping you from enjoying everyday activities. Strengthening your ankles may help protect you from injuries such as sprains and breaks as well as prevent ankle turns, rolling, and weakness. If you are prone to ankle turns, sprains, or pain when you walk, these exercises, when done regularly, can help you strengthen and stabilize your ankles.

Calf Raises

To perform this exercise, stand with your feet flat on the ground and lift yourself up on to your toes. Repeat for 15 reps; do three sets of 15. It’s important to maintain control as you lift and as you lower your heel back to the ground for the best results. This exercise strengthens the calf muscles that support that ankle.

Heel Walks

Another great exercise for improving ankle stability is the heel walk. Stand with your feet apart and lift your toes off the ground. Walk on your heels for approximately 20 steps, then walk backward while remaining on your heels.

Combined Heel-Toe Walk

Stand with your feet apart. Take steps forward starting on your heel, rolling your foot forward, and lifting up onto your toes with each step. This helps to build the muscle that support the ankle and helps improve stability.

Ankle Rolls

While seated, lift your foot off the ground and move your foot in clockwise motion as if you were drawing circles with your toes. Reverse direction and repeat. Do several repetitions of this stretching exercise with both feet. This can also be done using your toes to spell out the alphabet. It is useful in the treatment of tendonitis and to improve flexibility.

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